Taking back our Land, our County, and our Prosperity

15 Nov


Frustration comes from feeling powerless and ineffective in any given important situation.  We become frustrated when we realize that there is a problem but are totally helpless in effecting the proper solution.  The purpose of those who wish to participate in Baker County Solutions is to help fix this problem by redefining our relationship with the issues. This can accomplished by taking an active role in rendering those so called mandates that are in direct violation of our unalienable rights to be null and void.

In alleviating this frustration, it’s important to realize that the ONLY power you actually have in turning this shipwreck of a country around starts with YOU at the local level.  This makes sense because Baker County is really the only environment that really actually matters to you.  This may sound counterintuitive, but think about it.   Baker County is where you live; it’s where you eat, where you work, where you recreate, where you go to church, where you spend 98% of your time!   We tend to get caught up in academic banter at the water cooler on international issues like ISIS and the Middle East, Obamacare, beltway scandals, and health and taxes.  But when you really think about it, you have to admit that you really have NO voice in any of these issues.  You can fantasize that you are part of the solution by casting a vote for national politicians, or that writing to your senator or house representative makes a difference, but at the end of the day when it really matters, you have ZERO impact on what occurs in Washington. You have NO influence in Obama’s administration; you make no impact on Salem/Portland driven policies that affect the rural geography of our state, and even if you could make a difference in the democrat vs. republican game of ridiculousness, why would you want to, knowing that it’s a simple charade for the uneducated?

Where you and I make a difference is in taking active involvement in turning Baker County.  In doing so, we can transform this county into a model template that any county in America can emulate.  With examples like nullifying the Indefinite Detention Clause in the National Defense Authorization Act within the boundaries of Baker County, locally-elected leadership deals a precedent that must be acted upon by the highest law enforcement in the county.  And if unconstitutional clauses such as Indefinite Detention don’t apply to you, then there is your victory against that tyranny right there!

By becoming educated and learning the truth behind the policies that drive our daily lives, we become empowered to be the voice that restores the liberty in our county.  Imagine what Baker County could become if we moved as a collective of around 16 thousand residents to bring prosperity, jobs, production, and real wealth back to this county?  The federal government can print “money”, but they can’t print wealth.  Value, affluence, and wealth are created in the private sector by hard working and smart thinking Americans.  It’s entrepreneurs, innovators, small business owners, and educated investors that push the economy.  To be sure, taxes do have a constitutional mandate, and used in the proper framework, serve an invaluable function.  But when big government kills the private sector, and then taxes into oblivion the small remaining balance, there really is nothing left but deficits and debt owed to the foreigners. Insolvency robs sovereignty.

The power spectrum in this country is being played out in an opposite fashion of what our founders established.   The government should be by the people and for the people.  We the People are the government, represented by elected leaders to carry out out directives for the collective.  As such, the ultimate power lies in us, the sovereigns.  From OUR authority is delegated responsibilities to be carried out by public servants in respective areas ranging from townships, to counties, to states, and finally to the federal government.  Each each public body performs duties that apply only in the areas of each’s jurisdiction.  This concept is beautifully displayed in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  But this power flow has been re-polarized in the opposite direction into what is now a central all-inclusive tyrannical beast (national central government)  that asserts authority from what they consider the “top”. They exert firepower and force through violent measures when their ruling class mentality is challenged by We the People.

So it is up to us to realize that when those “elected” leaders serve special interests not to the benefit of We the People, then it’s up to us to rectify the problem…and the only place we can really have an impact is at our County level.  From there it expands.  The key to changing Washington is to change Baker County.

Instead of trying to elect “leaders” on Capitol Hill that we hope will pass good laws, we need to just start openly defying the bad ones that have no constitutional grounds for existing in the first place.  If our entire county stands up and defies those unconstitutional “statutes, codes, regulations, and acts” that are antithetical to our health, safety, welfare, and prosperity, we can be successful in a non-violent restoration of the proper role of government.

It is estimated that only about 3% of the colonists took active duty in the field against British tyranny, the sole global superpower at the time.  And it was these 3% that made all the difference.  They did receive support and favor from as much as 10% to 30% of those who may been considered patriot oriented.  But it was a fraction of the masses that caused the effect that defeated tyranny against all apparent odds.

Today, it’s as true as ever.  History is repeating itself with nothing new under the sun.  Leaders have to come from somewhere; If not you, who?  If not now, when?

The action steps outlined here are not difficult, but they do take some commitment.  If you value sovereignty and liberty, these items should be easy to prioritize in your day.

Steps to start on in the next 24 hours:

    1. Come to this website every day and check in.
    2. Contribute to the thread after each blog.  Offer your thoughts and insights that may be helpful to your neighbors here in Baker County.
    3. Start your 30-day family preparedness plan that focuses on a 30-day supply of fresh water, food, emergency medical, and emergency heat.  You and your family need to be able to shelter in place for at least 30 days!  Make this a priority.  There is a simple plan outlined here on this site (link) that will get you started.  Make a commitment to stabilize your position so you’ll have the ability to render help and aid to others.
    4. Start and complete the pre-classroom emergency training online at

Steps to start on within the next week:

  1. Read and familiarize yourself with the objectives and goals  of OathKeepers, as set forth in and
  2. Spend an hour a day of your Fox/CNN news and movie time and listen instead to Ken Ivory or KrisAnne Hall on Youtube.
  3. Support and encourage our County commissioners in honoring and supporting their Oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  4. Support and encourage our County Sheriff in honoring and supporting his Oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies.
  5. Pledge to support your elected representatives with your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor as they fight to retain your unalienable rights!

Jake Brown
Baker County Oath Keepers
Assistant Coordinator

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Posted by on November 15, 2014 in General, Inspirational


One response to “Taking back our Land, our County, and our Prosperity

  1. Larry Wampler

    December 10, 2014 at 5:36 am

    Oathkeepers in other counties are working with thier county officials to prevent the federal thugs from comming in and stepping on our rights. This needs to be done in Baker county as well. In Baker county we have to be overwelming so that our sheriff will enforce the county laws, knowing that there is a strong backing here backing the county officials. If we fail this task, we will be backed into a corner, Then we better be prepared to the max. Good artical Jake


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