The County Emergency Operations Plan…so far!

17 Nov


Here is a link to the official Baker County website: www.

Scroll down to “Public Safety”, then “Emergency Management”, then link to the Baker County Emergency Operations Plan. It is a large document, and will take a while to download.

This plan was developed several years ago. Our local “emergency professionals” admit that we in Baker County will likely be “on our own” to deal with local problems in a regional event, where governmental resources will be allocated to the large population areas.

But “on our own” may be a blessing in disguise, as our county is well-endowed with abundant natural resources and capable, experienced, compassionate, men and women who will come to the aid of their neighbors in times of need.

Baker County has depended upon federal grants (welfare!) to implement “mandated” programs for decades. So-called “grants” are not free. The wise and benevolent corporation that pretends to be our constitutional government forcibly takes (steals) from “taxpayers” and re-distributes to others.

Some of our local public officials are very aware of the “strings” attached to such grants, strings which contractually subject Baker County to the private, foreign jurisdiction of the federal United States corporation and its private, foreign laws. This is but one of several ways that the sovereignty of the original-jurisdiction, organic government of the People has been eroded and supplanted.

As with such “grants”, federal agencies such as FEMA and Homeland Security have been created for supposed beneficial purposes, and have indeed demonstrated a proactive intention that many will argue cannot be accomplished because of bureaucratic bungling and inefficiency.

But at least they do come up with Preparedness Plans, and, if implemented, could cause the people to be calm and know what to do in an emergency.

But, since those plans also include the expectation of help from the federal and state agencies, we do not feel it is prudent or reasonable to rely on outside help.

OathKeepers have been meeting with several county Emergency Management professionals, and have high expectations that the County Court will soon analyze the needs of the county and the resources available to meet those needs, and will begin a training program that will involve local volunteers. We hope to recruit all the other local civic, church,  and fraternal groups who have a preparedness plan so that we can all train under the same guidelines.

We can take care of our own communities with our own trained volunteers who are working with our local professionals. But, there are many more factors to consider before we can consider ourselves as “prepared” for a variety of emergency events. We will explore some of those in future blogs.

Jim Iler, Assistant Coordinator, Baker County OathKeepers


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4 responses to “The County Emergency Operations Plan…so far!

  1. Jake

    November 18, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Seems to me that the cost to the public for NOT applying for or accepting grants at the county level would leave the county unfunded for various needful programs. I know the municipality of Halfway relies on grants to just make it through the year. What would our options be for self supporting Baker County in all of its various functions were they to stop relying on federal and state handouts or welfare as you put it?

  2. James

    November 21, 2014 at 12:04 am

    Great comment, Jake. I just spent an hour making a response, then I accidentally deleted it ALL and cannot get it back. But maybe that is good. (The cursing was not good, though.) It is a very complex matter that requires some background information before an answer makes itself clear. So now it appears that this should not be answered as a “comment response”, but instead become a series of articles.
    After all, our site is called “Baker County Solutions” for a good reason. Does ANYONE reading this blog (excepting maybe Gary Dielman and his collectivist cohorts) truly believe that our County (along with all other cities, counties, states) is not now and imminently facing some tremendous challenges and problems from many fronts?? Is not “solutions” the antonym for “problems”??
    We as OathKeepers are SWORN to protect and defend our culture and way of life by educating and correcting any public servants and military members who violate their solemn oaths which qualify them for office and compel them to protect our unalienable Rights.
    The challenges faced by the incoming County Commissioners are sobering and serious. With a future objective of Baker County becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient and as autonomous as possible and practical, many things that we take for granted in the way the “government” operates will have to be re-evaluated under a new and perhaps revolutionary set of standards.
    Many people will not agree with this course of action, but I see no way around it. Becoming self-reliant will mean doing away with many “benefits” now supplied by the federal government, in exchange for….what? Surely something. Something significant. Let’s explore that later.
    But it must be recognized that when the new public officials take their Constitutional Oaths of Office, they themselves are SWEARING that they will obey the Constitutions. After all, the Constitutions are the government-creation documents crafted by the People, and the People require their servants to faithfully act within the parameters of that charter. They are compelled BY LAW to protect the rights of the People, and are under NO law or obligation to allow unconstitutional, private, foreign federal law to be applied within Baker County.
    Why do I say “private, foreign” in relation to “federal law”? Don’t we all have to obey federal law? Isn’t the federal flag flying above the state flag on flagpoles around the state, signifying allegiance and obedience to the federal government? But doesn’t the federal Constitution strictly limit the powers of the federal government in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17? So what is REALLY going on here?
    Who’s in charge, really? By what lawful authority? Did we waive, assign, or abrogate our inherent Rights in favor of taking private benefits from a corporation in order to be enslaved? Oh, you don’t think you are enslaved? Then give me ONE example of a right or freedom that you are able to exercise without permission from your masters. Please. I can’t think of one.
    Even the use of this blog to educate others is subject to censorship and punishment if the powers-that-be so determine. You all know that. So give me an example!
    So, Jake, continue watching this blog for discussions about the questions you have asked.

  3. Jeff

    November 29, 2014 at 2:42 am

    If the county does not implement ” mandated programs ” then the federal and state governments will be quick to cut off funding (grants) which was from the people of the county to begin with. We as people of our county would have to step up and take care of ourselves and would most likely come up with better solutions at a cheaper cost. Private local organizations use to be the corner stone of charity and it did not cost a thing to operate, and it weeded out the ones that really did not need help. Now we have a society full of lazy people that think they are entitled to the best of life without having to work for it.

  4. Jake

    November 29, 2014 at 4:25 am

    Jeff, I absolutely agree. The other side of unalienable rights is responsibility. Counties have to stand up and be responsible if they want to stand on solid ground when it comes to untethering from to Big Brother.


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