Politics and Football – can we make a difference in Baker County?

28 Nov


As I recently completed my ballot for the mid-term election cycle earlier this month, I paused for a few minutes and thought about why I was even voting.   I was voting, to be sure.  But why seemed to really capture my intrigue in that moment.  I starting really thinking about the whole system and reflected on other opinions I had read, and it really got me wondering.

Now I know that the purpose behind voting is that its the so called duty of every good and loyal citizen;  you support the troops, follow the “laws”, don’t question authority, especially when its masqueraded by a cool looking and intimating badge, and always, always…always cast your vote!  It’s your right and obligation; a benefit that was defended and purchased with the blood of soldiers and the very central core of patriotic democracy.

But I still had to think about it.  Is this voting thing really whats its been sold as?

Now I’ve never voted for the winning candidate.  Ever.  At least on a state or national level.  My guys always lose.  It doesn’t matter how correct and right I think they are…they always lose. I must really know how to pick em, because I’ve never voted based on popularity or just for the lesser of two evils when they were the only choices with a chance of winning in our two party political charade.  I vote for the candidate that I believe in my heart will represent my views the best. But then again, while an avid fan of the Utah Jazz (Stockton/Malone era) and the Denver Broncos (Manning era), my support for them never got them the big win either.  I hoped they’d win; wished they would, and did all the things that good fans should do.  But alas, at the end of every season, my hopes for team victory were dashed into a million fragments on the rocks below, just like hope for the candidates that I hoped would roll into office.  In fact, I felt about as influential in getting my candidate to win as I did my favorite sports teams.  All the ballots I’ve cast over the last two decades don’t even begin to compare to the nachoes and guacamole I’ve consumed while cheering for my team to win the SuperBowl or the NBA World Championship.  So in retrospect, I’d have to say that voting and bufflo wings just don’t seem to get the job done…although chips and bean dip are a much more enjoyable attempt at change than obnoxious campaign rhetoric, political promises (lies), and red, white, and blue yard litter toothpicked into neighborhood lawns.

So whats wrong here?

I think that it’s the political system that actually mocks the sanctity of what the voting process should be. And in doing so, if this process is reduced to mere psychologlical exploitation through social marketing and collective engineering, then wouldn’t the act of voting really be more about making me think that I’m making a difference instead of actually doing something that makes a difference?

When considering the best candidate to support your views about affordable health care, gun control, abortion, the economy, taxes, government spending, forest management, water allocation, public grazing lands, GMO, Ebola,  etc, go a couple of questions deep and see where it takes you.  There are surface level arguments for and against these issues and its important to address the root causes instead of attempting to merely mask symptoms as a solution.  Its important to be able to distinguish between correlation versus causation.  If the right questions are asked from the start, then the trajectory of your quest for  truth may lead to a different conlcusion than the ‘obvious’ outcome of the often manufactured narrative.

Politicians advertise to us with silver tounged pitches, slick marketing plugs, hypnotic cliches, and specific colors that have a psychological effect on voters (customers).  Political campaigns are strategised with professional marketers and sales coaches to produce simplistic one liners as answers to serious debates. They poll public opinion to determine which slogans to brand for their campaign theme (sales pitch).  It’s a numbers game where they capture the vote of the ignorant just drifting along on handouts, entertainment, and facebook.

Why can’t politicians just stand on principle?  Why can’t they just have an opinion that they believe is right, display some passion and drive for that cause, and see if the people will support it?  If the people don’t support their cause,  then they shouldn’t be running. Period.  Its sad to see public officials aspire to office just for the sake of being in public office.  They’ll stick their finger in the air to determine the direction of the current prevailing wind (mostly based on media driven political correctness), and then shape their campaign to try and reflect that trend. Its ridiculous.  Form following function is the gist of the functionalist philosophy of design.

Politicians will say virtually anything to get your vote, but once elected they treat your view with impunity.  For instance, Jeff Merkley campaings for jobs for the middle class and then casts his support for the Fed to inflate our money into worthlessness (he voted to confirm Janet Yellen as FED chairman earlier this year). Surely he knows that quantitative easing crushes the middle class and destroys the private sector, the only place where wealth in our economy is actually created.  He claims he supports jobs for the working man and campaigns on promises to restore Main Street, but then supports sweeping legislation that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal border crashers who are attempting to exploit the American taxpayer for healthcare, food, housing, and surprise… votes!

Merkley campaigns on the promise of a good life for all Americans by bringing prosperity back, but then openly votes against the Bill of Rights in an effort shred the 2nd Amendment by conceding individual liberty to the United Nations and surrendering American sovereignty.

He further voted for Feinstein’s bill that would effectively give enormous advantages to criminals and foreign threats against the common American, the very ones who is claiming in his campaign promises that he is there to support and defend.

Politicians of his type call for ‘bank regulation’ and attack Glass-Steagall on one hand, but then support the vast corruption of the monetary system by the Federal Reserve that has been in place since 1913.  If that’s not regulation, I don’t know what is.  They campaign on the promise to support Main Street but then pass laws that economically crush the voters and drive obscene amounts of wealth to the Ruling Class (bankers, politicians, and enforcers).

Merkley will claim the economy is rebounding  while he votes to  increase national debt out of proportion to GDP.  By doing so, there will never be enough revenue to repay that debt. And don’t be so naive as to think that merely raising taxes will correct an out of control deficit.  With some grade school math you can see that taxing the rich into oblivion would raise enough money to fund the federal budget for only one year.  And once the evils of capitalism are dead through taxation, then where is the wealth created?  Forced labor farms? There is a distinction between corporate fascism and the workings of unhampered free market capitalism.

Merkley voted on the course of war with Iraq in supposedly bringing democracy to the Middle East while at the same time America is transforming into one of the worst police states with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Merkley wants to strike down corporate personhood  (Citizens United) but doesn’t even raise the question or concern about person corporatehood (wherein We the People are considered corporate assets/liabilities of the state corporation and traded on the open market).

Now Merkley is obviously an easy target; a piece of low hanging fruit that easily showcases the agenda of the left leaning statists.  But he also showcases the disparity in claims vs. action so common of politicians who claim something on one hand to get a vote, and then delivers the polar opposite.  Of course he’s sly; he just fooled enough of the electorate here in Oregon into putting him in office for another term. But fooling the ignorant doesn’t require a genius.  It requires money and good marketing.

So where does my vote fit into all of this?  Is the holy sanctity of our vote that was defended by patriots and tears even worth acknowledging as a viable solution to the problems we face? I voted against Merkely…and in office he stays.  Whats the point?

Well to start with, our consent manufactured two party system driven by big media is the biggest component that mocks the voting system itself.  The second component in rendering our voting system a joke is when so many of the electorate simply follow party labels in the same fashion that I follow a sports team; they’re fans of a ‘party’ or a specific candidate, and they will support them regardless of what they stand for as illustrated by their vote on the floor in the halls of congress. Case in point: Hating Bush supposedly because of illegal wars of aggression and crashing the economy yet blindly supporting Obama when he accelerated those same Bush policies for the last 6 years.  When this happens, its another obvious mocking of our voting system.  Thirdly, (and this is worthy of an entirely separate blog), is the voting fraud that is now so prevalent with a lawless yet ‘legal’ process for garnering non citizen votes as well as computerized and manipulated ballot results.

In order to understand whats at play here you need to explore who you really are.  And only after this question has been exhausted, can you really start to understand what the proper role of government should be.  And only when you have clarity about the the proper role of government can you really be educated enough to pilfer through the marketing manure being slung at you by corrupt candidates and political hacks.

So who are you?  Are you man, made in the image of your creator with unalienable rights and responsibilities?  Are you actively working to secure these rights by insisting on proper government?

Or are you a subject; a member of the slave class that derives your stipend at the mercy of the self appointed ruling class? You know, the same guys who marketed you the belief that other smart sovereign individuals voted them into office to make your decisions?

I’ll fight for and defend the private sector and the free market any day over big government and central planning.  Do we need some rules?  Of course.  But the socialized central planning of the national government as it pertains to my backyard should be handled at the County level where I have a say.  This is where my vote counts.  This is where I can make a difference.  To think that my vote counts is like believing that a low level Walmart employee working in some obscure town has a voice that will change corporate protocol at headquarters (who runs 5000 stores and boasts a net worth nearly 1/2 trillion dollars.)  Not good odds.

I am a firm believer that we can neutralize Washington’s effect on us by nullifying those measures and mandates that are unconstitutional.  For this to be done at a local level we need to stand together in numbers.  It may appear to be an uphill challenge, but its one that is worth the effort when compared to hoping that voting will change the corporate structure of socialized politics thousands of miles away.

In the meantime, I’m going to stay involved with Oath Keepers, my community, and continue to educate and learn.  And now that the this last election cycle is behind me, I’m going to focus on whats left of the NFL regular season because I believe my team will win it all with enough potato skins and ranch and some other superstitions I’m working on.

Jake Brown
Baker County Oath Keepers
Assistant Coordinator


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