Government Agents: What’s their Duty to Us??

03 Dec


OK, we learned earlier that men formed Government for the purpose of protecting and defending their inherent rights. We saw in the earlier video by Judge Napolitano that anything that Government did that was not in harmony and compliance with that primary mandate was void and without authority. All the constitutionally-enumerated duties of government must comply with this basic and fundamental directive.

Let’s take a look at this process so that we can understand what is supposed to happen, and then what actually happens when our public servants act. We all have been shocked and angry (to say the least!) to watch our elected representatives knowingly violate what we think are their sacred duties and obligations to perform that fundamental requirement: protecting our unalienable inherent Rights.

These “lessons” on this blog forum are intended to explain how the system has been modified to allow these “representatives” to act against our best interests, and why it is “legal”. But not moral or righteous…or lawful.

A quick sidebar: “legal” is not synonymous with “lawful”. Related, sure, but very different in the meanings that are important to us. In short, some conduct that is “legal” is permitted by a private, commercial system as it pertains to complying with paperwork requirements and other purposes, and there is no mandate that the conduct be honest or righteous or in compliance with common law. It is the “politically-correct” version of actual “law”, and it satisfies only the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. The private, foreign, fictional corporation that pretends to be our government is perfectly “legal” in everything it does in its private forum (territory). But to be “lawful”, conduct of your public servants must comply with the mandate to protect your Rights and fully disclose their actual authority to act, and other related things. Things the current administrations don’t want to do.

Because they created government to protect their rights, those men and women are considered beneficiaries of a trust relationship. Trusts are created all around us in a number of ways, every day. Anytime someone does something on behalf of someone else that results in a duty or obligation, a trust relationship is formed.

In the case of a relationship in which someone is elected or appointed to a position of public trust, with a duty to protect the rights and interests of those who elected him (the beneficiaries), that man becomes the fiduciary trustee in that relationship.

We have all heard the terms “fiduciary” and “trustee”. Basically they apply to someone who is appointed to take charge of the affairs of someone who is incapable for various reasons.

So when a man takes an office of “profit or trust” as a servant or representative of the beneficiaries, he is encumbered with the duties of a trustee. He is also empowered with the rights of a trustee. He takes a solemn OATH to qualify for his office.

If he violates his fiduciary trustee duties and obligations to his beneficiaries, then he forfeits his office and no longer functions as a trustee. He terminates himself.

Yeah, yeah……nothing but words. How many times do we see these politicians lie their way into office and commit fraud and violate their trust duties to the People…and NOTHING happens to them?!

How can that be?

Well, we will find out together how that can be…and is.

We have all been tricked into stepping away from this “legal relationship” in which we are the beneficiaries and the public servants are the trustees. Oh, it was all “legal”, to be sure! But it was also very wrong and immoral and deceitful. And because it was, the “new” legal relations we entered can be reversed and nullified. Fraud voids contracts.

With the proper evidence of our status and standing as beneficiaries existing OUTSIDE of their private territory (where constitutionally-protected rights DO NOT EXIST), we can compel them to perform their trust duties or forfeit their offices!

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2 responses to “Government Agents: What’s their Duty to Us??

  1. Jake

    December 3, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    In the same way that a fiduciary nullifies his office by acting outside the capacity of his designated role (as trustee), don’t the corporate officers that act outside of the designation of corporate charter or Article of Incorporation (whatever their intended and specific purpose is) invalidate the corporation itself? And if so, then doesn’t a corporate officer such as Obama that acts outside of the corporate restraints of his own company (USA Inc) actually nullify his authority in the company on its face? Same thing with the IRS violating their own code (IRC) or congress acting outside of the corporate constitution (although they promote the idea that they follow the organic Constitution as ratified by the colonies circa 1789)?

    • bakercountysolutions

      December 12, 2014 at 6:36 am

      Any acts by officers or employees that exceed the clearly-defined purpose and duties and authority set forth in the creation document (charter or constitution) of a corporate entity are as void as if they never happened. “Ultra Vires” is the term used for “exceeding authority”.

      But…in order for the United States Government to perform some of its constitutional functions, it was necessary to create a corporation so that it could engage in commerce. But it had to be on the same footing and under the same commercial laws as any other company. See “Clearfield Doctrine”.

      So, an official (like Obama), when acting in his corporate capacity (private and foreign to the original Constitution) is bound only by the laws governing the private corporation. In that capacity, he is NOT your fiduciary, and you are NOT in possession of protected rights (a beneficiary). He is NOT BOUND to a duty to protect our rights!

      Of course, they promote the idea that they are acting constitutionally! But WHICH constitution? Remember that they can do WHATEVER THEY WANT to their corporate slaves who are called “US citizens” who have ventured onto federal territory through deceit and misrepresentation and FRAUD. It is entirely LAWFUL for them to take our property and rights, because they have evidence that you have waived your rights and assigned your private property to the collective.

      Continue to act as a “US citizen” and use their territorial zip code, and you cannot complain about anything!


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