“UNITED STATES” is a private corporation. So What?

06 Dec


And I mean “Everything”!

We were just sent this video. It methodically takes you through the steps that the deceitful and NON-constitutional private, foreign, federal government (US Congress) has taken to create a corporation which it calls “United States”. This “United States” operates in a fixed territory, and its jurisdiction applies only to that territory.  That territory that is found within the exterior borders of the continental land mass called United States of America is around 70 square miles, and it is sometimes called the District of Columbia.

Congress named their territorial corporation “United States”. It is NOT “The United States of America”.  Far from it.

So….were you born or naturalized in their “United States”? Are you subject to its “exclusive legislative jurisdiction”? Do you really believe that you are a “US citizen”? Do any of the “alphabet agencies” (IRS, FBI, CIA, FEMA, USDA, BLM, OSHA, EPA, etc) have any constitutional authority over the People or property found in Baker County? Do Oaths taken by federal officers and employees have any meaning in Baker County?

The information in this video will be expanded upon in this blog, over time. It is critical that our OathKeepers and supporters learn the truths that are laid out here. The story gets deeper and deeper, and we must all learn the basics.

This video is a little over 90 minutes long, and you will want to see it twice. Tell your friends and family. We all need to shine the light of truth on this evil beast hiding in the darkness! We cannot hope to prevail when we are not aware of the methods used to deceive us.

Here is the link. If it is removed by YouTube, a friend has made CD copies for posterity.


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