Oath Keepers Neighborhood Watch Team – Ferguson Update

09 Dec

Oath Keepers FergusonIt is refreshing to see Oath Keepers Community Preparation Teams (CPTs) in action as they become mobilized in various situations across the country as needed.  As you remember, the concept of the CPT as explained by Stuart Rhodes is to organize a team of at least 2 members as civilian experts who can lead others in the areas of Food-Water-Logistics, Engineering-Fabrication, Communications, emergency medical, and security (neighborhood watch).  This is being done as a We the People (non-government) response effort for disasters and emergencies.  These teams are being constructed to work with local government and help them in any way reasonably possible.

Over the last two weeks I’ve followed closely the activities of the Oath Keepers and their efforts in protecting private business and residences amidst the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.  I won’t link to everything on the web dealing with this story because a cursory search of “oath keepers ferguson” in google and YouTube will link to full reports of what occurred.  Suffice it to say, it has been awesome to see the level of coordination and effort put forth by Oath Keepers on a volunteer basis in suppressing fire and violence to the private sector in this area of civil turmoil.

Equally astounding has been the reaction to the Oath Keepers by government at the state and federal level.  While local law enforcement has been supportive of their efforts, it has been the big central governments at the ‘higher’ levels who have ordered a well-organized Oath Keepers team of around 15 individuals to stand down and leave businesses and personal property vulnerable to the effects of fire and vandalism, and potentially bodily harm.  And of course, these orders by big government have been bolstered by the liberal media’s coverage of the Oath Keepers as violent, racist, and hate filled terrorists (although there are no cases of Oath Keepers ever shooting, attacking, or killing ANYONE).  Liberal media has even gone so far as to argue that the looting and arson of criminal mobs should not be considered acts of violence per se, even if someone gets barbecued alive in their second story apartment over a burning store (because the motive of the mob is merely driven by false illusions of social in-justice).

Government’s negative reaction to the positive and well-supported presence of Oath Keepers members risking life and limb to protect their neighbors and their businesses (consisting mainly of minorities, African-American included), illustrates the very suspicion and lack of trust by Americans for their so-called government.  Where the view of publically-funded officials working in our best interest to support and protect is promoted by government and media, their actions stand in stark contrast to this very idea.  In an area that is being burned and looted, and where government is utilizing its militarized forces of the National Guard, the FBI, the State police, and the county Sheriff’s Dept, you’d think that the preservation of property and life of their citizens would be their paramount concern.  But in thinking that, you’d be wrong.  In actuality, these government agencies used their force and firepower to protect mainly government buildings and assets, while allowing the mob to roam at will in the private areas.  And to rub salt into an already festering wound, they actually ordered a private volunteer group (Oath Keepers) to stand down when realizing that the Oath Keepers would be acting as a deterrent to violence and mayhem in areas they themselves refused to defend.

While other non-government security groups were employed under contract by private citizens for hefty sums of money, Oath Keepers were ordered to stand down because they were not licensed as commercial security contractors.  However, even after proving that Oath Keepers never claimed to be private security contractors, nor were they required to be such as they were not working in any type of commercial capacity for financial remuneration, the state and feds still insisted they stand down.  At one point in the beginning, Oath Keepers actually witness an FBI sniper team set up atop a roof several buildings away and train rifles on them.

Oath Keepers temporarily complied, but were out again the next night, and after consulting again with their legal counsel, moved to file an injunction against the government’s orders.  Since being at their posts a top buildings on Florissant St in Ferguson, they have acted as armed deterrents against vandals, and put out several fires by simply grabbing ‘fire bombs’ with gloves and dropping them in 5 gallon buckets of water, preserving property as well as potentially saving lives.

And the government and media’s response is to call them ‘domestic terrorists’ driven by racism.

Unbelievable!  The story is there.  The interviews and testimonies are all over the net.  It’s worth catching up on if you’ve missed the story over the past two weeks.  Although Ferguson is a few miles away from us, it does help to keep an eye on the layout of the land in terms of situational awareness and in assessing how events in other areas may affect us in our own county.


Jake Brown
Baker County Oath Keepers
Assistant Coordinator



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