Feds Use FRAUD to Strip Away Your Protected Rights!

20 Jan


Duh. You already know. This is not only “old news”, but ongoing news. We are just waiting for the next FALSE FLAG event to be used to propel the satanic communist agenda of the New World Order crowd.

What we call the “federal government” is a private, foreign-owned company pretending to be our national government. At the top levels, it is promoting an agenda that is contrary to the constitution and repugnant to liberty.

We all remember the alleged “Sandy Hook killings” of a couple years ago that created such public outcry (by the mainstream media). Twenty-seven children were killed by Adam Lanza. Turns out that this was an entirely STAGED EVENT, and the killings never happened! The school had been closed for 5 years. It was an elaborate HOAX by the federal government and other jurisdictions.

I have seen many articles exposing this FRAUD, but this 53-minute power-point video is very well-presented and fascinating:

The video also includes photographic evidence of the STAGED Hollywood-style “Boston Marathon Bombing” HOAX, and some of the “Osama bin Laden killing” HOAX.

When you take a minute to review the actual evidence of many other life-changing HOAXES perpetrated by the FRAUDULENT “federal government” crime syndicate just in our lifetime, namely the engineered “attack” on Pearl Harbor, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 events, all of the “school shootings”, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, London, Charlie Hebdo, Benghazi, etc, etc. ALL LIES. Our good men and women in public service and in the military services are unknowingly and unconscionably used as pawns for global financial domination and control.

All such terrible FALSE FLAG events are orchestrated to accomplish some evil agenda by putting the blame on some other groups. The CIA is the biggest drug-runner on the globe, the oil companies controlling Congress are fabulously wealthy, the “government” has stripped us of nearly all our Rights and Liberties, and the rich get richer and richer.

And all because of the FRAUD of the foreign-owned corporation calling itself “United States Government”, and FRAUDULENTLY using its authority over territory that it does not own and people and property it has no right to control.

We must WAKE UP and get educated! This corporation IS NOT BOUND BY OATH TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, as is the original-jurisdiction organic government known as “The United States of America”.


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