Do Presidential Executive Orders Apply to YOU?

27 Jan

exec order1The question can be answered “Yes” IF you are an employee of the corporate “United States” or IF you voluntarily and knowingly allowed yourself to be subjected to the jurisdiction of the private, foreign corporation called “United States”.

A week or two ago, Oregon Representative Greg Walden came to town and was the guest at a Rotary CLub luncheon. During a Q & A session, I asked Mr. Walden the following, “Many of us are very concerned about the recent Presidential Executive Orders that would effectively neutralize that little pocket constitution you carry in your jacket pocket. Would you please tell us your understanding of whether these Emergency Powers can be applied to us, the People, or are they only intended for employees of the corporate United States?”

Mr.Walden didn’t seem to know what Executive Orders I was asking about, so I told him that they were intended to take control of all the communications, banking, transportation, law enforcement, etc, in times of national emergency. He answered that it depended on what Orders they were to know whom they applied.

He was wrong. He HAD to have known, but I suspect that it was not the time or place to get into a discussion about the multiple-jurisdictional fraud that he was involved in. He was more concerned with answering the usual constituent comments about the failures of the Social Security system and the Veteran’s services and the immigration reform problems and the problems with the liberals in Congress.

Regular readers of this blog will already know the answer to my question. Because this matter of Emergency Powers and Executive Orders is so important to understand, there will be more articles about it on the blog.

Today our friend Alfred Adask posted an article on his blog ( on the subject du jour (of the hour), and I am reproducing it as a copy and paste, below. The attached video is very short but informative, about the abuse of executive powers.


“James Turk interviews Lawrence Parks on the subject of “emergency powers”.

Note that, in my opinion, the President’s “emergency powers” only apply within the districts and territories “of the United States”. They do not apply within the borders of the States of the Union (“The United States of America”). If my opinion is roughly correct, it implies that your exposure to the President’s “emergency powers” may depend on whether you consent to assent to government’s presumption that you are “in” a territorial state (“this state”) of the singular “United States“.

In theory, if you can establish that 1) you’re a man made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28); 2) you’re “endowed by your Creator with certain unalienable Rights” (“Declaration of Independence”); 3) are one of the people of a State of the Union (like “The State of Texas”); who 4) is living and working within a State of the Union (a State of “The United States of America“); which 5) is not a “state of emergency”; and who is 6) entitled to “separation of powers”; and 7) therefore does not consent to be subject to administrative law or administrative process; then, 8) you might not be subject to President Obama’s “emergency powers”.


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Posted by on January 27, 2015 in Constitution Education, General


One response to “Do Presidential Executive Orders Apply to YOU?

  1. Rastus

    January 28, 2015 at 8:55 am

    I think its obvious that Walden is merely an actor for hire in the scripted ‘reality show’ sponsored by US Inc (a propaganda, war, and banking company) viewed by the masses as what they perceive as an elected public administration.


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