“Guest Opinion” on Federal Jurisdiction in Baker County

23 Feb

FEDERAL JURISDICTION: FACT OR FRAUD?sagegrousegold-butte-nevada-665x385town-hall-vs-u-s-capitol3
In the last issue of The Baker County Press, I noted at least four comments by city and county agencies and private associations citing their concerns about local laws and practices being in conflict with “federal law”.

The simple FACT is that the federal government’s actual constitutional authority and jurisdiction is LIMITED to its OWN employees and the land (“territory”) actually OWNED by it (with jurisdiction granted by the state over that deeded land). Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States AD 1787/1789 is very clear, and very restrictive. Read it yourselves.

However, the federal government (US Congress) has the constitutional power and right to make ANY LAWS it wants for its OWN territory. That territory includes ONLY Washington D.C. and the enclaves (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.) and the land it actually owns within the “Several states of the American union”. And those private internal laws are not required to recognize constitutionally-protected rights of the people within its territories! Those actually living in federal territories…or unknowingly claiming that they live in this federal territory… are virtual corporate slaves.

A “citizen” of Washington D.C. is one who is residing within a private, foreign federal territory and is therefore subject to the foreign, private laws of the US Congress. Said Congress lawfully and constitutionally created the IRS and BATF and DHS and FEMA and ALL the other alphabet agencies to operate within their private territorial jurisdiction and venue, and are effective ONLY against their corporate agency employees and territorial “US citizens”.

So why are the people of Baker County so concerned about being subject to the severely limited federal authority that is so clearly defined in the constitutions? If we are living in one of the “Several states”, and not in Washington D.C. or one of Congress’ maritime territories, how do their unrestricted (non-constitutional) powers reach us?

The answer is both very simple and yet requiring some study. The “United States Government” is a private corporation, registered in Delaware. It deceptively creates a territorial “residency” and induces you and me to enter its territory for the purpose of placing us under their far-reaching non-constitutional authority. It deceptively entices us to apply for federal benefits and permissions and licenses and grants, and to enter interstate banking relationships and employment relationships, and be subject to all its agencies administrative and executive orders …all within what is their private, foreign jurisdictional venue. For example, when you do business in federal-territory “OR” and use their territorial zip-codes i.e. “97814” to identify your residency, you have volunteered into its private fictional federal territory and have subjected yourself to its “exclusive legislative jurisdiction.”

In doing so, you unknowingly enter this federal territory where you have NO “constitutional rights”. You are given mere privileges that can be taken from you. But remember, a valid contract requires full disclosure and knowledge and understanding. How many of us would “volunteer” into the federal venue and give up our RIGHTS if we thoroughly understood the consequences and ramifications?

Local governmental agencies that are concerned about the costs of butting heads with what they perceive as “federal law” need only to challenge the interloping federal agency to produce admissible evidence that their conduct or claim of authority is in harmony with Article 1 Section 8.

If it is not in harmony (non-constitutional or un-constitutional), then their claim of jurisdiction is necessarily based on a contract or performance. I suggest that you demand that the agency or employee provide the actual specific agreement, with blue-ink signatures, that created their claimed right to control or regulate your land or your property or your body or your health or your family or your rights or your environment or your religion or your moral and ethical values and culture.

If you did apply for federal benefits at one time, and unknowingly placed yourself under private non-constitutional federal jurisdiction, can this PRESUMPTION of your unwanted federal citizenship be overcome?

The answer is whether an element of misrepresentation or fraud was involved in inducing you (through deceit and non-disclosure) to give up your constitutionally-protected rights in exchange for their corporate privileges. If you did not have full disclosure of all material facts, then there could never have been the necessary “meeting of the minds” to create the presumption of your voluntarily entering federal territory. Your remedy would be to properly rebut that presumption with relevant facts.

The article about the water rights of Baker County Cattlemen in the Press voices their concern that “a government agency with standing could claim presumptive injury…” This statement needs to be addressed.

“Government agencies” are virtually ALL mere private corporations. They are listed on Dun and Bradstreet as “privately-held companies”. They have federal tax identification numbers, and CUSIP numbers. They seldom, if ever, act in their sovereign constitutional capacity. They are for-profit corporations, like Safeway and Shell Oil. They are traded on the international securities exchanges.

They do not automatically have “standing” to control anybody’s property or liberty because they are NOT created directly by the people. Again, to be subject to their private agency administrative rules, it is necessary that you contract with them. They do not possess any authority or jurisdiction otherwise. They need to trick you into accepting their jurisdiction over you when it does not otherwise exist!

Sovereign constitutional government was created by the people to protect their inherent God-given rights. When they divert from this fundamental purpose, they are NOT your government. When they act in fraud against the rights and interests of the people…and against their solemn Oath…they commit treason. It is that simple.

One solution is to compel these federal agencies to PROVE their jurisdiction and claims of authority over your private property and lives, and over the authority of LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. They likely cannot respond to or survive a valid challenge. Your voluntary KNOWING cooperation is required as no federal jurisdiction exists otherwise.

Did you INTEND to give them such power over your life and family? If these agencies and employees are unable to prove their authority over you, they are very vulnerable to claims for damages if they continue to attempt to force their private law on you.

Our people are LOST for want of knowledge. Educate yourselves! Then be what the supreme court calls a “belligerent claimant” of those rights. If you don’t know your rights and don’t fight to keep them, you don’t have them.


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One response to ““Guest Opinion” on Federal Jurisdiction in Baker County

  1. Gary Dielman

    June 8, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll assume that author of the above statement “Jim” means Jim Iler. (If you don’t give your last name, then it’s the same as signing anonymous. I hate anonymous postings.)
    Concerning the statement that appears at the end of your essay on federal power, you write: “Our people are LOST for want of knowledge. Educate yourselves! Then be what the supreme court calls a “belligerent claimant” of those rights. If you don’t know your rights and don’t fight to keep them, you don’t have them.”
    So, Mr. Iler, how do you propose that we “fight” for our rights that you claim the federal government has taken from us? Are you talking armed conflict? Or filing lawsuits, which I’ve heard is your favorite. How are those lawsuits working out for you?


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