Beware of “Emergencies”!

14 Mar

bem-ch06-state-local01322 state-of-emergency
A “state of emergency” has been declared by the City of Baker City in a recent ordinance relating to banning marijuana dispensaries.

Look at the bottom lines of the blank form above, and see a sample of a typical NOTICE of what this declaration really means. See the potential for abuse?

“Emergency” is another word for overstepping due process and other protected rights that the “public servants” have pledged to honor by and through their sacred oaths.

The theory is that by simply declaring a state of emergency, it is implied…but never with evidentiary support…that a condition exists that is so serious and consequential that the normal and usual procedural processes requiring time-consuming adherence to particular and specific conduct should be overlooked and some “remedy” to said conduct should be implemented immediately.

That means a license to do whatever they want. And they get away with it. Does anybody EVER challenge the actual existence of a true and verifiable EMERGENCY? Maybe it should become common practice to challenge all “declarations of emergency”.

We fully recognize that there often exists a lawful and necessary cause for such a declaration, as in a natural disaster. We fully support the theory that such a declaration allows emergency procedures to bypass usual bureaucratic “red tape” and may be absolutely necessary to save lives and property. It is the ROUTINE ABUSE of these powers as an excuse by governmental agencies to violate protected rights to which we STRONGLY object.

The following quote is copied and pasted from a writing about the treachery and treason of the War Powers Act. Although it was researched for a Texas purpose, its scope is national and applicable here in Baker County.

This article refers to a general and on-going NATIONAL EMERGENCY which suspends constitutional protections, but it also applies to local “emergencies”.

…The Republician Party of Texas recognized that acts of the Congressional body and the office of the President of the United States of America created an emergency condition, and that on and after March 6, 1933 and March 9, 1933 the same said Public offices effectively impaired and suspended the Constitution for the United States of America under pretense of these same created emergency conditions, and that the impairments and disabilities yet exist and are in full force and effect throughout the nation… [and] … that the Republician Party of Texas being duly apprised of the continuing emergency declared on March 9, 1933, demands that the Gold and Silver Coin be fully reinstated and maintained as the lawful money and tender of payment of debts within the United States of America, and that any and all notes and obligations heretofore or hereinafter issued be brought back to and maintained at par value with the said coin;” Be It Further Resolved that the Republication Party of Texas hereby demands the rescinding of the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933 and all subsequent related acts thereunder and demands a Presidential proclamation terminated thereby returning the United States of America to its original peacetime Constitutional Republic.” [Quoted in Part. Ed.]

Not only has the Republician Party of Texas recognized that the constitution has been suspended but so did the 1994 Republician Governors Conference and the 1994 California State Republician Assembly. When three separate “professional” entities begin to not merely consider, but endorse, then advocate a theory as extraordinary as Dr. Gene Schroder’s, the researcher who discovered this, then you got to believe.

Dr. Schroder says that “During times of war or national ‘emergency’ Americans have no rights; instead, the United States government becomes custodian of our rights. Under an emergency government, all rights to due process of law are suspended, leaving no bar against governmental violations of our rights. The people become mere objects (In Rem) with no unalienable rights to be protected.

“Once the government gains ‘emergency’ power, it is reluctant to relinquish that power. During the Wars of 1812, 1847, 1861, 1917 and 941, the ‘emergency war powers’ were gradually and insidiously defined. However, on March 9, 1933, our government declared a National Emergency and, based on the public’s ignorance and the complacency, took permanent control of the people. Since March 9, 1933, the United States has remained in a continuous state of declared National Emergency. Since that time, the American people have lost their rights to government, and these rights have not been restored. The American government now claims the power of right, and rules the people by Statute – not the Constitution – in all cases. Under emergency powers, government can do whatever it deems ‘necessary’. The courts change from protectors of the people’s unalienable Rights to enforcers of the government’s statutes.

However, if the ‘national emergency’ were ended, government abuse and injustice would also end. When the American people demand that congress end the ‘national emergency’ they will restore the U.S. Constitution, and regain their rights, freedom and property…

THIS DECEPTIVE PRACTICE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO RESEARCH AND UNDERSTAND. Be sure to sign up on the right side of this blog to receive further educational blogs dealing with so-called “Emergency” declarations.


One response to “Beware of “Emergencies”!

  1. peg-powers

    January 17, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Nearly a year later, we found this Petition against the legislative use of “emergencies”. See


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