State Nullification of Federal “Laws” within its Territory

16 Mar

download01112014_jefferson-natural-right-nullifyA growing number of States of the Union are finding effective ways to protect themselves from UNCONSTITUTIONAL and NONCONSTITUTIONAL federal mandates. That process is an ancient one, and it is called NULLIFICATION.

“Nullification” is defined as the “action of a state to prevent the operation and enforcement of federal laws within its territory”.

Students of this blog already know that the powers and authority of the federal government is strictly limited to a specific territory and against specific “citizens”, and that any federal intrusion into our private lives must come through our consent by agreement of local government and the local sheriff.

James Madison, in the Federalist Papers 46, established the proper strategy of the local governments to avoid having to deal with NONCONSTITUTIONAL federal intrusion: simply refuse to cooperate with “officers of the union”.

Federal “laws” only apply to federal employees and federally-owned territory wherein jurisdiction is properly ceded by the legislature, so the feds HAVE to get consent from local municipal governments to exercise their private authority.

The attached audio is only 26 minutes long. It will give encouragement to those who feel that we are being overwhelmed by Presidential Executive Orders and forced “Common Core” mis-educational programs and NSA privacy violations and FDA mandates depriving us of rights and the “Obamacare” disaster and the “1033” military hardware give-away programs and, locally, the USFS assault on timber resources and forest access, and the BLM’s restrictive regulations over OUR mineral resources, to name a few.

The host of the interview is Tom Woods, who interviews Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center. Bolden declares that the federal government is a serious threat to national liberty, and that we must understand our enemy.

He discusses two ways that federal programs are routinely put into effect in a state, where it could not otherwise exercise any powers.

As a first tool, the feds will give away grant money and/or equipment, then enter an information-sharing Memo of Understanding with the local municipality, and then be able to tap into the local database and then assume agency control over the entire nationwide implementing programs.

Its other tool is to get the states to contract to furnish front-line enforcement in the form of significant resources in order for the feds to implement federal laws.

The feds simply do not have the manpower or the resources to manage their own regulatory processes……but they do control the printing presses to be able to make debt instruments to throw at the municipalities to guarantee their participation.

All to the continuing and ongoing LOSS of our liberties and autonomy. This fraud has to STOP!

The states are finally starting to wake up! Nearly 200 Nullification Bills against federal powers are enacted or pending in the legislatures of many states. See the details on

Classic examples of nullification in action are HB 150 in Utah, the “No Assistance to Federal Surveillance Act” and the “Defend the Guard Act” in West Virginia, keeping their National Guardsmen home where they belong, and New Hampshire’s “Police Non-Militarization Bill” banning transfer of military equipment to the local municipalities.

The subject of Cooperating Policing Agreements is also discussed, and this topic is of great concern to most members of our county.

Here is the link:

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One response to “State Nullification of Federal “Laws” within its Territory

  1. Jake

    March 18, 2015 at 7:10 am

    “There is no end of trouble the states can give the centralizers by merely refusing to cooperate.” Frank Chodorov


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