CAFR—The Biggest Fraud of Government! “Follow the Money”

31 Mar

The People formed their Governments for the primary purpose of protecting our rights, as early blogs testify. So WHY does “our” Government keep HUGE sums squirreled away, and force us to pay more taxes?

All levels of government keep TWO SETS of accounting books. One set is not generally known to the public. It is separate from the familiar”Budget”. It is the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”, or “CAFR”.

This financial report holds huge sums of money safely folded within its nearly incomprehensible “fund accounting” maze. These funds are invested in the stock and bond markets. They are NOT available to pay for the expenses of administration of government. They are used for making a profit from which the taxpayers will never benefit.

These facts and their implications are shocking.

In the late 90’s, I was introduced to Walter Burien’s research on the gigantic FRAUD of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. He produced a VCR video which my wife and I acquired in January, 2000. I talked with Mr. Burien on the phone for 90 minutes, and learned more personal details that I will pass on in future posts.

Because of its stupefying significance to understanding how–and why– all levels of government ACTUALLY OPERATE, we, at our own initiative and considerable expense, hired a friend to make 25 VCR copies of Burien’s video “The Biggest Game in Town”. We mailed these videos to all of the most influential government, business, and community leaders in Baker County.

That was well before the days of the internet and YouTube.

Now we can pull these videos off the airwaves for free. Simply go to YouTube and punch “CAFR”.

It appears that our long-ago efforts were wasted, as we have seen no serious public outcry and demands for reform.

But that was then, and now is now.

The UNCONSTITUTIONAL conduct of the private corporations passing themselves off as sovereign government are becoming more and more prevalent, and the rights of the people are more and more being trampled.

The CAFR fraud can be seen as the primary cause.

We all need to study this fraud. We can then be “fully informed in the premises” and qualified to rationally review this situation with the appropriate public officials and determine, with them, a workable solution to the problem.

And it IS a problem. It directly affects YOU. You will see it clearly when you watch the attached video.

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