Baker County listed as “Sanctuary County”….huh???

20 Jul
Sanctuary-Cities-MapAs reported in the latest issue of The Baker County Press, Baker County has been designated one of the nations “sanctuary counties”….without its knowledge or assent!
Again, the feds have overstepped their constitutional powers and authority….to the harm of our people. Such BS is now so rampant and common that it is clear to everyone with half a brain that we are in the middle of a cultural/financial/moral/spiritual WAR! And it is already lost.
Our hope lies in the strength of our county leaders to actuallyexercise the inherent authority that lies with the office and take a firm stand on behalf of the PEOPLE whom they represent.  They are empowered by constitutions which clearly define the limits of power and authority for both the federal and local governments, and they are OBLIGATED BY OATH to conform.
An elected official’s constitutional oath is a qualification for office. If he knowingly and intentionally violates his oath, he is automatically disqualified from office and his subsequent acts voided.
Here are a couple of articles dealing with the “sanctuary” issue:

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