Baker Oath Keeper Communications Information

06 Dec

I will be sending out information on communications, it can be useful whether you are part of our comms group or not. This information is Uniden 980intended to help you make informed decisions regarding radios. If anyone has questions you can contact me at, or 541-419-4067.

Since the Oath Keepers have developed a plan to be used on a national and regional level this info will be kept relevant to that plan. The plan that we are working dove tails with other plans for other groups. There are over 2,000 people all across the country that participate, ham radio operators and non-ham operators. We will be using CB’s, Ham radios, FRS, GMRS, MURS and others, also scanners and short wave radios.

Today we are going to start with CB’s, antennas and antenna cable, amplifiers (optional). The reason I am starting here is that: 1) It requires no license, 2) It is fairly cheap, depending on its options. 3) The distance you can communicate is fairly large and there are ways to increase it. 4) There are many already in use.
We have done a field test and have found that we can talk across the valley floor from Haines to Baker City and from a rise we could cover the valley. This was done with mobile radios, we had an equipment failure and found some short comings, we have come up with a fix.
During our test we used Unidyne 980 radios, we found that the swr was easy to tune, it has a diagnostics feature to tell if your antenna, cable  or radio has a problem, SSB capability and a select-able lighting scheme. We were both running amplifier which resulted in a burned antenna connection. The antennas we were using were standard off the shelf that work great without the amplifier, also we were using standard antenna cable, RG58 which is fine for use with out amplifiers. We found that the wattage that we can push is around 3000 watts so we needed to change our cable to RG213 and we both opted for a Wilson 5000 antenna. The amplifier that I used was a midnight special 250 watt amplifier, there are others out there. If you decide on an amplifier I can help with cable and antenna selection.
Antenna and antenna cable is just as important as your radio.
The next post will cover base station CB’s and antennas.
I have included a link on purchasing equipment if you are interested. There are also some local stores if you wish to use them, Truck Corral, NAPA and Radio Shack come to mind in Baker City.
By Jeff Cooper

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