Make a Wonderbox for cooking without a lot of fuel

30 Jan

I’ve been working for many years to become as self sufficient as possible – just in case…  The one area I was deficient in was being able to cook if electricity was no longer available for us as the home we bought here in Baker Valley is all electric.  Of course, during the winter we could cook on our wood stove, or over a campfire in the summer – if it was safe to do so outside. We have discussed putting a big propane tank in, plumbing it into the house and getting a propane stove and water heater, but have been unable to do so, so far.

001A friend of mine from my email prepping group  suggested a Wonderbox.  With a Wonderbox, all you have to do is the initial preparations for your meal, bringing your food to a boil and boil, covered, for 10-15 minutes, then placing it into the Wonderbox, cover with the Wonderbox lid and allowing it to continue cooking for 4-10 hours (no peeking to keep the heat in).  The Wonderbox works like a thermos, keeping your food hot so that it continues to cook – without electricity.

The thing I really like about it is I could prepare dinner in the morning in case I had to be out all day, and it would be ready when my hubby got home from work.

On, I found a Wonder Bag, similar to a Wonderbox, but they cost between $68-$80, and I was unwilling to put out that kind of money, without even knowing if it would work.  So, I checked on line and found several sites that provided the template to create a pattern and directions on making it.

I will not write an article on sewing one, there are several sites already on line that do a really great job of it, unless there are people who plan to make their own, in which case I will be happy to do so.

005I am however, very happy to report, that I have used my Wonderbox, and it did a wonderful job.  When I removed the lids, steam came out and the meat was very tender.

I plan to make more of them and sell them at the Preparedness Fair this year, and possibly at the Farmer’s Market.  I will use mine often, and believe it would be a GREAT way to cook with very little fuel.

Michele Cooper

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  1. Bill Harvey Commissioner

    January 31, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Nice post good ideas

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