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CAFR Exposes Local and State School Budget Frauds!

CAFR-ExposedHere is a recent “news” story from the local liberal propaganda machine, the Baker City Herald newspaper.

It is a good example of the mis-information that is now so widely accepted as “common knowledge” regarding school (and government agency) BUDGETS.

But, after reading the post on this blog of March 31, you know more than the average Joe. You know that BUDGETS DO NOT REFLECT THE FUNDS AVAILABLE TO OPERATE an organization. They merely reflect the sums allotted to various expenses and expected incomes for a period of time.

Readers of this blog will now be able to analyze stories such as this one, and know what to focus on to see the deceptions.

And it is NOT an innocent error by these “reporters” from the Herald. They received one of our original mailings of the VCR “The Biggest Game in Town” back in 2000. They are “informed in the premises”, and have knowledge.

That they ignore these facts and fail to report the REAL truth is indicative of their character and intentions. People NEED to know the whole truth in order to make proper decisions. To knowingly deprive them of such truth is a moral and ethical CRIME.
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