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Baker Oath Keeper Communications Information

I will be sending out information on communications, it can be useful whether you are part of our comms group or not. This information is Uniden 980intended to help you make informed decisions regarding radios. If anyone has questions you can contact me at, or 541-419-4067.

Since the Oath Keepers have developed a plan to be used on a national and regional level this info will be kept relevant to that plan. The plan that we are working dove tails with other plans for other groups. There are over 2,000 people all across the country that participate, ham radio operators and non-ham operators. We will be using CB’s, Ham radios, FRS, GMRS, MURS and others, also scanners and short wave radios.

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Oath Keepers Neighborhood Watch Team – Ferguson Update

Oath Keepers FergusonIt is refreshing to see Oath Keepers Community Preparation Teams (CPTs) in action as they become mobilized in various situations across the country as needed.  As you remember, the concept of the CPT as explained by Stuart Rhodes is to organize a team of at least 2 members as civilian experts who can lead others in the areas of Food-Water-Logistics, Engineering-Fabrication, Communications, emergency medical, and security (neighborhood watch).  This is being done as a We the People (non-government) response effort for disasters and emergencies.  These teams are being constructed to work with local government and help them in any way reasonably possible.

Over the last two weeks I’ve followed closely the activities of the Oath Keepers and their efforts in protecting private business and residences amidst the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.  I won’t link to everything on the web dealing with this story because a cursory search of “oath keepers ferguson” in google and YouTube will link to full reports of what occurred.  Suffice it to say, it has been awesome to see the level of coordination and effort put forth by Oath Keepers on a volunteer basis in suppressing fire and violence to the private sector in this area of civil turmoil.

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