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Response to Federal Supremacy and Harney County issues


This is a response to Rob Crawford’s criticism of my comments made in the HCJ printed on February 17th, 2016 (He is a classic example of why I homeschool my children).  It also addresses the belief upheld by some Baker County residents, such as Jerry Boyd and Travis Ash, regarding the justification of bad law enforcement, the supremacy of the federal government, and the infallibility of federal court judges.

Halfway’s February 6th Rally and Harney County Perspective

First off, regarding the tension in Eastern Oregon surrounding the Feb 6th rally in Halfway; the proposed and advertised event was one of at least fifteen others that was occurring the same day for the same purpose around the countryside, so it was by no means singled out to capitalize on hard driven emotions to promote an armed uprising as indicated by Mr. Crawford.  Halfway was no more poised to be torn apart than at anywhere else…and that threat was non-existent.  Again, the intent of the rally was to facilitate dialogue in an open forum between We the People and our local leaders to ensure that by everyone standing up against unlawful activity, we wouldn’t have “stand-offs” in the future.  And that’s exactly what occurred.  It was a great rally and all the fear mongering was of course, proven absolutely wrong.  Of course folks from all over Eastern Oregon were invited.  Why wouldn’t they be?  We were invited to theirs as well.

I reject Mr. Crawford’s assertion that using the names of Mr. Finicum and Mr. Yantis was done to overly charge the event with emotion.  Will he criticize a memorial event for the victims of Sandy Hook as well?  These events are tragic and should be memorialized in an effort to take corrective measure to ensure they’re not repeated.  As for the “scary” flyer, what was the problem?  A patriotic drummer boy?  Really?  Do the colors red, white, and blue evoke fearful emotions?  Maybe they would to the British. Who knows?

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civil disobedience  The Malheur Refuge Occupation has been a lead story in all national media this week. Most articles and comments are critical of the strategy used, though the frustrations and grievances of the occupiers are generally acknowledged.
The despotism of the federal government in carrying out its unconstitutional and unAmerican Agenda 21 objectives has ruined untold families and local economies, with no access to remedy and no redress of grievances. The conditions for some are unconscionable and intolerable.

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Oath Keepers Neighborhood Watch Team – Ferguson Update

Oath Keepers FergusonIt is refreshing to see Oath Keepers Community Preparation Teams (CPTs) in action as they become mobilized in various situations across the country as needed.  As you remember, the concept of the CPT as explained by Stuart Rhodes is to organize a team of at least 2 members as civilian experts who can lead others in the areas of Food-Water-Logistics, Engineering-Fabrication, Communications, emergency medical, and security (neighborhood watch).  This is being done as a We the People (non-government) response effort for disasters and emergencies.  These teams are being constructed to work with local government and help them in any way reasonably possible.

Over the last two weeks I’ve followed closely the activities of the Oath Keepers and their efforts in protecting private business and residences amidst the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.  I won’t link to everything on the web dealing with this story because a cursory search of “oath keepers ferguson” in google and YouTube will link to full reports of what occurred.  Suffice it to say, it has been awesome to see the level of coordination and effort put forth by Oath Keepers on a volunteer basis in suppressing fire and violence to the private sector in this area of civil turmoil.

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Taking back our Land, our County, and our Prosperity


Frustration comes from feeling powerless and ineffective in any given important situation.  We become frustrated when we realize that there is a problem but are totally helpless in effecting the proper solution.  The purpose of those who wish to participate in Baker County Solutions is to help fix this problem by redefining our relationship with the issues. This can accomplished by taking an active role in rendering those so called mandates that are in direct violation of our unalienable rights to be null and void.

In alleviating this frustration, it’s important to realize that the ONLY power you actually have in turning this shipwreck of a country around starts with YOU at the local level.  This makes sense because Baker County is really the only environment that really actually matters to you.  This may sound counterintuitive, but think about it.   Baker County is where you live; it’s where you eat, where you work, where you recreate, where you go to church, where you spend 98% of your time!   We tend to get caught up in academic banter at the water cooler on international issues like ISIS and the Middle East, Obamacare, beltway scandals, and health and taxes.  But when you really think about it, you have to admit that you really have NO voice in any of these issues.  You can fantasize that you are part of the solution by casting a vote for national politicians, or that writing to your senator or house representative makes a difference, but at the end of the day when it really matters, you have ZERO impact on what occurs in Washington. You have NO influence in Obama’s administration; you make no impact on Salem/Portland driven policies that affect the rural geography of our state, and even if you could make a difference in the democrat vs. republican game of ridiculousness, why would you want to, knowing that it’s a simple charade for the uneducated? Read the rest of this entry »

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