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Response to Federal Supremacy and Harney County issues


This is a response to Rob Crawford’s criticism of my comments made in the HCJ printed on February 17th, 2016 (He is a classic example of why I homeschool my children).  It also addresses the belief upheld by some Baker County residents, such as Jerry Boyd and Travis Ash, regarding the justification of bad law enforcement, the supremacy of the federal government, and the infallibility of federal court judges.

Halfway’s February 6th Rally and Harney County Perspective

First off, regarding the tension in Eastern Oregon surrounding the Feb 6th rally in Halfway; the proposed and advertised event was one of at least fifteen others that was occurring the same day for the same purpose around the countryside, so it was by no means singled out to capitalize on hard driven emotions to promote an armed uprising as indicated by Mr. Crawford.  Halfway was no more poised to be torn apart than at anywhere else…and that threat was non-existent.  Again, the intent of the rally was to facilitate dialogue in an open forum between We the People and our local leaders to ensure that by everyone standing up against unlawful activity, we wouldn’t have “stand-offs” in the future.  And that’s exactly what occurred.  It was a great rally and all the fear mongering was of course, proven absolutely wrong.  Of course folks from all over Eastern Oregon were invited.  Why wouldn’t they be?  We were invited to theirs as well.

I reject Mr. Crawford’s assertion that using the names of Mr. Finicum and Mr. Yantis was done to overly charge the event with emotion.  Will he criticize a memorial event for the victims of Sandy Hook as well?  These events are tragic and should be memorialized in an effort to take corrective measure to ensure they’re not repeated.  As for the “scary” flyer, what was the problem?  A patriotic drummer boy?  Really?  Do the colors red, white, and blue evoke fearful emotions?  Maybe they would to the British. Who knows?

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Fixing Washington in Baker County by Voting Local

Fixing Washington in Baker County by Voting Local

With the next election cycle right around the corner, We the People are getting ready to choose who we wish to represent our views and beliefs for our common benefit during the next term.  As such, many issues and concerns will be at the forefront of discussions and debates, some new, many old.  But at the core of every issue lies the fundamental question upon which each decision, method, and vote should be rendered: Will the candidate worthy of my vote champion the rights of the people over the interests of government? Will he/she support statism or defend my individual liberties?

While due diligence regarding any important measure is necessary, far too many of our arguments are debated so far down stream that we miss the root of the problem at the head gate.  Both sides of these arguments are often engineered for the purpose of crafting two predetermined solutions regardless of the side that wins.  For instance, instead of arguing about how and who should fund health care for everyone or how and who should fund college educations for students, or whether or not these issues are opportunities or guaranteed rights, the question should first be settled as to what the federal government’s proper role is in handling, mandating, and compelling me to participate.  I know this may sound like a broad stroke statement, but per the Declaration, governments are instituted by us, the people, to protect and defend our inherent rights; not to compel us into a modern definition of slavery wherein government effectively abolishes our private property and hinders our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to benefit someone else without my say. Read the rest of this entry »



Baker County listed as “Sanctuary County”….huh???

Sanctuary-Cities-MapAs reported in the latest issue of The Baker County Press, Baker County has been designated one of the nations “sanctuary counties”….without its knowledge or assent!
Again, the feds have overstepped their constitutional powers and authority….to the harm of our people. Such BS is now so rampant and common that it is clear to everyone with half a brain that we are in the middle of a cultural/financial/moral/spiritual WAR! And it is already lost.
Our hope lies in the strength of our county leaders to actuallyexercise the inherent authority that lies with the office and take a firm stand on behalf of the PEOPLE whom they represent.  They are empowered by constitutions which clearly define the limits of power and authority for both the federal and local governments, and they are OBLIGATED BY OATH to conform.
An elected official’s constitutional oath is a qualification for office. If he knowingly and intentionally violates his oath, he is automatically disqualified from office and his subsequent acts voided.
Here are a couple of articles dealing with the “sanctuary” issue:

CAFR—The Biggest Fraud of Government! “Follow the Money”

The People formed their Governments for the primary purpose of protecting our rights, as early blogs testify. So WHY does “our” Government keep HUGE sums squirreled away, and force us to pay more taxes?

All levels of government keep TWO SETS of accounting books. One set is not generally known to the public. It is separate from the familiar”Budget”. It is the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”, or “CAFR”.

This financial report holds huge sums of money safely folded within its nearly incomprehensible “fund accounting” maze. These funds are invested in the stock and bond markets. They are NOT available to pay for the expenses of administration of government. They are used for making a profit from which the taxpayers will never benefit.

These facts and their implications are shocking.
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Politics and Football – can we make a difference in Baker County?


As I recently completed my ballot for the mid-term election cycle earlier this month, I paused for a few minutes and thought about why I was even voting.   I was voting, to be sure.  But why seemed to really capture my intrigue in that moment.  I starting really thinking about the whole system and reflected on other opinions I had read, and it really got me wondering.

Now I know that the purpose behind voting is that its the so called duty of every good and loyal citizen;  you support the troops, follow the “laws”, don’t question authority, especially when its masqueraded by a cool looking and intimating badge, and always, always…always cast your vote!  It’s your right and obligation; a benefit that was defended and purchased with the blood of soldiers and the very central core of patriotic democracy.

But I still had to think about it.  Is this voting thing really whats its been sold as?

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